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The most effective High Ticket Client Presentation, that I personally used, to go from from $0 to $10,000 a month in SMMA Client Retainers in 60 short days...  With $0 in ad spend
How To Set the Tone and Position the Sale...
You'll learn exactly how I pre frame the value process to earn emotional buy in from the customer so they're hooked till the end.
How to Build so much value, the client Is willing to pay more than you intended on pitching.
Never again will you leave a meeting with less than you deserve
How to Close so smoothly, the client doesn't ever have to "Think about it"
This presentation is designed to scale quickly and close on the first call.
Please use ethically.
*PLEASE ADVICE - Use this presentation ONLY with clients that you know you can help. This presentation and exact slides has, and will, close near any client. 
 Please use this ethically.
After helping over 100 agencies through their sales process, I caught on to a common theme.

They weren't closing at a higher dollar amount for 2 reasons:

1. They were struggling to understand what all they had access to sell
2. They didn't feel comfortable in pitching something they themselves didn't fully understand

If this sounds like you, then know this....

You're not alone!

Shoot, I even had the same struggle, 

until shortly after applying this recipe 

I was able to start scaling my agency to the 5 figure Level!
You are just a few High Ticket Clients away 
from completely changing your life forever!
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